What’s good! My name is Josh, I’m a designer that specializes in
creating branding systems & marketing campaigns. I’ve had the
privilege of working on a wide range of projects, from small local brands to citywide campaigns. Throughout my time as a designer, I’ve worked hard, and continue to work hard at acquiring a diverse set of skills. My current creative toolbox includes Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Publication Design, Illustration, Photography, and 3D Design.

I would define my goal as designer to be a facilitator, interpreter, and initiator of meaningful conversation. I think we as human beings are constantly in conversation with other people and the environment around us. We converse through verbal language, written language, visual language, body language, and much more. Design to me is the practice of assembling all those modes of communication into one comprehensive system. Done right, a good design can cross all social and linguistical boundaries, effectively communicating a message. My hope is I can create and continue to add to the conversations that will change the way we think and improve this place we call home.

Media Mentions:
"When the Student Becomes a Master" (volunteer work) - Motionographer