I am a designer, or put another way, I am a “communicator”. I think we as human beings are constantly in communication with other people and the environment around us. We converse through verbal language, written language, visual language, body language, and much more. As a designer, I consider myself a facilitator, interpreter, and initiator of conversation. Design to me is its own mode of communication, separate from the inherent social languages we use. A good design can cross all social and linguistical boundaries, effectively communicating a message. These messages can center around what certain brands offer to consumers, all the way to the complex issues that plague mankind. My hope is I can create and continue to add to the conversations that will change the way we think and improve this place we call home.

2022 Seattle Addy - Gold Winner (The Year Earth Changed)
2022 UCDA Design Awards - Excellence (Blackity Black)
2022 UCDA Design Awards - Excellence (POV)
2022 WWU Outstanding Graduate Design