Campaign - 2022
Joshua Shinoda - 3D Models, Animation
Charlie Sperry - Branding, Character Design, Set Design
Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender, After Effects
POV was a concept campaign sponsored by Google. The campaign focused on helping people who had unhealthy screen time habits. During our research phase, we found users wanted to spend less time on a screen but were unable to translate those desires into action. Our strategy was to use satirical humor and offer users a mirror to examine their personal habits. We created 4 different characters, each with a different screen time issue, so users could use them as a measuring tool to examine their own lives. This campaign was created for social media use.

UCDA Design Awards - Excellence
We are offering the user a mirror to examine their relationship with technology and to find any inconsistencies
Our campaign is targeted at activating the user, by using self-deprecating humor to reveal unhealthy screen habits
We started with 2D illustrations of our characters and then flushed them out into 3D models